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This material is intended for Institutional Investors (as defined in the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore) only and is not suitable or intended for persons who do not qualify as such.

As part of our stewardship strategy, we regard proxy voting as a key component of being a responsible and transparent investor.

We expect the companies we invest in to implement sound governance policies. In our view, that includes actively opposing management proposals when necessary. In fact, our track record shows that we do so more often than the average large asset management company does.

Given our strategic priorities around sustainability, we usually support climate-related proposals including those calling for climate-aligned or ‘Paris’-aligned climate change lobbying. We also give our backing to deforestation-related proposals.

We oppose board elections or the approval of financial statements when companies did not disclose their CO2 emissions and have executive compensation packages that are unreasonable in the context of executive pay and that of the median worker.

As a future maker, we intend to use our votes to send a strong signal to companies regarding our expectation for governance and their role in the energy transition, securing environmental sustainability and safeguarding equality and inclusive growth.

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